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Bob Barber

Bob Barber

LPL Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Bob Barber joins the Thiesen Dueker team with almost three decades of experience as a wealth advisor. Over the years, he has remained focused on the 3 Wealth Management Stages: 1) Creating and growing your wealth 2) Protecting and preserving your wealth 3) Transferring your wealth efficiently to the next generation. Simply put, Bob determines the stage of life his clients are in, maps out a strategy and remains focused on those 3 Wealth Management Stages. Being a student of the Market is not just Bob’s profession, but his hobby. He spends hours each week scrolling through hundreds of charts to stay in tune with what is working in the markets and what isn’t. He enjoys the challenge of placing clients’ money in investments that best serve them.

In today’s world of smart phones and social media, it is easy to become bombarded with outside opinions about the future direction of the markets and economy.  In this business we call this overload of information, White Noise. Bob is focused on eliminating the white noise by remaining focused on dynamic market indicators that allow him to see where the trends are, where money is flowing, and to construct portfolios to allow our clients to participate in these trends. 

Bob lives his life by the belief that there is power in positive thinking and our attitude always reveals our thoughts for everyone to see. He loves to instill this idea in youth, his family, those around him, even his clients. His successes in life are based on one simple rule: “Always do what is best for the people I am serving.”

Bob shares his life with his wonderful wife of 30 years, Donna and their three children.