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Ian  Gamboa

Ian Gamboa

Advisor Support Analyst

Ian was born in the central valley but was raised and educated in Atoka, a tiny rural town in west Tennessee. His passion for financial markets piqued upon realizing how the industry is never static – there is always something new to learn each day. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in finance and economics, he returned to Fresno to be closer to family. He joins the Thiesen Dueker Group eager to begin a career in financial services.

With a great attention for detail, Ian works closely with the Thiesen Dueker financial advisors to ensure they are prepared for all communications with their clients. For Ian, becoming one percent better each day is his living philosophy. He takes pride in being of service to others and strives to build strong lasting relationships with colleagues.

When out of the office, you will most likely find Ian with a guitar by his side, acoustic or electric. He is also passionate about all things jazz, music theory, and Tom Petty.